Friday, July 8, 2011

Out With Old, In With New

After getting some great advice from a lot of friends, I decided to rework the cover of my book, The Sword's Journey.  Since I wasn't so lucky the first time I decided to hire someone that specializes in covers and found an amazing woman named Donna Casey (   I'm sure my name brings on head pains for her because we went back and forth with so many changes.  But the results are amazing.

During the process of re-analyzing the book and lack of sales, I also came to the conclusion the title was boring.  So I've rename it "Wizard of Time" which fits in so much better with the story being told. 

I'm going to continue to call the series Chasing History although I might refer to it as the "Time" series depending on how the second book comes together.

I feel like I need fanfare, bright lights and sparkles flying through the air, but at long last here, on my blog is revealed my new book cover and title.  Ladies and Gentlemen may I present Wizard of Time:

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