9-12-11 JOSH release announced.  Cover revealed.  Story posted to blog.

9-5-11 DEFENDER OF TIME Video posted to "Published" page

8/8/11  First DRAFT of Cover for THE STRIPED SOCK MYSTERY was revealed.  

8/2/11 First Illustrations approved for THE STRIPED SOCK MYSTERY.

7/30/11  First DRAFT of DEFENDER OF TIME sent to Editors.

7/26/11  WIZARD OF TIME Video posted to "Published" page.

7/23/11  WIZARD OF TIME released.  Previously released under The Sword Journey, this novel has been rewritten to fix historical inconsistencies and a small issue with ferret's diet.   I want to thank Eve for her diligence in making sure I got it right this time. 

7/21/11 Found illustrator for THE STRIPED SOCK MYSTERY.  Should have teaser posted next few weeks.
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