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Robbie and Chad
(Ages 7-10) Robbie and Chad are best friends.  Robbie (8) and his ferret Chad begin their many journeys with one of epic proportions.  It begins when Robbie spots his mom (Amanda the Monster) with a bag of gummy worms (Mr. Gumms and his crew) heading out to the picnic table (her cave).  In his mind, Robbie (as pirate captain) sees Mr. Gumms being held hostage and he and his faithful First Mate, Chad, must rescue them.  

There follows encounters with whales, a monster with huge teeth, a volcano and other mean and ugly things trying to stop Captain Robbie and First Mate Chad from rescuing Mr. Gumms and his crew.  

This book was written for Halfrats & Carpetsharks a recently released ferret gift, supply and support site.  It is currently with the illustrator but once released, Robbie and Chad will be available exclusively on Halfrat's site.  Look for more Robbie and Chad adventures too.  Perhaps a mystery next!

Later (Short Story)
Fact based fiction about love's twists and turns as a couple finds each other.  

Other books in storyline process:

May the Best Man Win - Adult Comedy
The Secretary - Horror involving black market baby adoption
Bluestone Detective Agency- Comedy about two far from perfect detectives out to solve impossible crimes
I Married the Real James Bond - Romantic comedy about switching lifestyles and learning to live
Perfect World - A possible 3 part science fiction series surrounding a kingdom and its king's journey
50s Diner - Mystery taking place in 50s surrounding inhabitants of small town and their only gathering place-the Diner

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