Meet Sue

Welcome to my Author page.

Here, you will find more personal information about myself and what I am doing as an author. 

Let's start with the basics.  I'm mostly single, my kids having long grown up and moved away ... and actually staying away now finally.  I have a cat, Isabella who is very spoiled.  I grew up in Oregon having moved here from Southern California when I was 11.  I have always considered this my home and can't imagine living anywhere else except Tuscany.  

I started writing about 8 years ago in earnest.  I've always jotted stuff down, filled  computers files with junk but never really considered doing anything with it.  Until my middle daughter got bit by the writing bug.  I joined a writing group with her to encourage her to write the stores she wanted.  Then it was my turn.  I got to thinking that I had something to share with people too and that maybe they might be interested in hearing it.  

My first story wove its way around my brain for many years until the writing group showed me how to start.  Then it was off until life got in the way and I had to set it aside for a while.  Now its back full bore and I intend to take advantage of it.  When I'm gone there will be plenty of material to be completed by others.