Sunday, July 31, 2011

Indie Author Steven R. Drennon Collection

Presenting Steven R. Drennon and his collected works.


Rise of the Raven” chronicles the efforts of the Mage of NorAmen as he struggles to free his master from the demon-haunted plains of the nether dimension where he has been exiled for over fourteen hundred years. Striving to prevent him are the five wizards of the Khand. The keepers of the sacred Watchstone, they have sworn to uphold the integrity of the barrier that separates the two worlds. In the midst of all this, a young boy becomes a man and discovers a great power that he never knew he possessed, but only time will tell if it will be enough to save his friends.

My latest fantasy novel, “Three for Avadar”, has now been published! I have finished up the final edits and it is now available on Amazon and Smashwords!
Below is the blurb from the new book:
A princess trying to find her way back home, while finding herself along the way.
A sorceress trying to retrieve a sacred crystal, secreted away by her father before he was murdered.
A warrior seeking to avenge the death of his family, sidelined by two very different, yet very attractive women.
Three separate travelers drawn together by chance, all destined for one place . . . Avadar!


Steven's poetry works are listed below.  Each collection comes from different stages in his life. 


It has been a honor getting to know Steven and his wonderful books of poetry.  These are books that can be read over and over again and discover something new each time.  Thank you for sharing.

This is part one of a series of interviews for my blog tour through Indie Writers Unite.  Look for the Support Indie Authors logo for further submissions.  Please support these authors, check out their blogs and purchase their books.  They are the best of the best.  /Sue Owen.

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