Thursday, December 19, 2013

End of Year - New Beginnings

Here we are again at the end of another year.  Looking back we want to tell of our accomplishments and delve into what made us happy and sad this last year.  I could do all that, too.  Let you-all know what I've done this last year and where I am in my happiness meter.  Blah.  Let's talk about the future instead.  Next year I plan on releasing 3 new books including the 3rd in my Wizard series.  I plan on finishing two almost done romance books and may toss in 2 new children's books if I can find an illustrator that doesn't give up before they start! 

Raena from Final Fantasy
I plan on turning this site into a purchase site for my new books and plan to up the marketing from what it is now (zero) to something more!  I have opened the door to screenplays and plan on posting and promoting my plays ... both the 3 15-minute plays I have almost done and the 1 full-length movie I'm 1/4 of the way done. 

Seem like a lot of writing?

Yuper sure is.  Plus I'm continuing my two classes per session towards my Masters in Creative Writing and then onto my doctorate in literature. 

Still not enough?

Well I guess it'll have to do.  I'm feeling like the years are passing me by and I have so much I need to accomplish before its over.  My loving companion keeps telling me it'll happen ... fame will happen.  As much as I love hearing that I know he's full of crap.  It doesn't just happen ... you have to make it happen.  So, fine folks that still follow this out of date blog look for changes.  Because this year change is going to be my middle name.

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