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GUEST Brooklyn James, Author

How Tough Is Too Tough For A Heroine?

In my thriller/suspense trilogy, Vigilare, female detective, Gina DeLuca consistently challenges her counterpart, Detective Tony Gronkowski. She does so with grace, quick wit, and a true desire to excel at her position. Their mutually respectful yet heated repartee often mirrors foreplay. The sexual energy between the two is certainly tangible. “DeLuca and Gronkowski have a palpable chemistry going, a playful flirtatiousness that's fun to read. Their interaction, both among themselves and with almost everyone they come in contact with, is fast and funny.” –Gabino Iglesias, Austin Post

Which brings me to my quandary: How tough is too tough for a heroine?    

Growing up, I would sneak my mother’s western romance novels into my room and read into the wee hours of the morning. I enjoyed those books, although my generation was more inclined to believe we could rescue ourselves. When the book would draw to its climax, pitting the hero against the villain, I remember thinking, ‘Why doesn’t she help him? Do something, lady!’ I always wanted the heroine to be part of the resolution. And as times progressed, we have witnessed that trend. Just the other night, my sweet, handsome beau and I had date night. We watched The Hunger Games. There is no guesswork involved in identifying the eminent hero in that story…or heroine rather, Catniss Everdeen.

Much like Catniss, my female lead, Gina DeLuca, carries Vigilare. The hunky, charismatic male lead is still featured, however, he plays second fiddle. Granted, Vigilare is also the story of a kick-butt female vigilante, as the Italian term ‘vigilare’ means to watch out, to guard, to look over. Therefore, the female perspective is booming. “Gotham has Batman, Vanguard has Vigilare. Viva Vigilare!” Amazon Review.

Bearing its superhero nuances and scientific paranormal twist, it is based in realism. “Vigilare walks the line between a thriller and a supernatural adventure while safely anchored in a scientific discourse around blood that James put together so well that it's reminiscent of a Douglas Preston or Michael Crichton novel. With action, romance, a strong female hero and a likeable group of characters, Vigilare reads like a good action movie.” –Gabino Iglesias, Austin Post. I see superwomen everyday in my real life, mothers, for one. These superwomen are my inspiration for writing capable, competent female leads. I’m of the opinion, so long as our heroines have some vulnerable characteristics, some flaws, some soft qualities that allow us to relate and empathize with them, we will fall in love with them and their story.

Which brings me to my next quandary: Would I even consider the question, how tough is too tough for a HERO?

One of my favorite writers, Jane Austen, once said, “But when a young lady is to be a heroine. Something must and will happen to throw a hero in her way.” I love that quote. In fact, it hangs on the wall of my living room. But what happens when that hero doesn’t find us? Are we to sit and wait? Consider this: By pushing ourselves to become the heroine we’ve always wanted to be, we may inadvertently attract the hero we’ve always wanted. Like recognizes like, right? I believe we attract the very energy we give.

Excerpt from Vigilare: Hell Hound Acknowledgments: I’m a singer/songwriter in Austin, Texas. We were tearing down from an acoustic gig one night, myself and my guitarist, John. I grab up two rather heavy pieces of equipment, one in each hand. John says, “Geez, Brooklyn. How very manly of you. You’re making me feel bad here.” My response, accompanied by a chuckle, “I am not manly. I am capable.” Divert to the next gig. Once again, we’re tearing down at the end of the night. I grab up a few pieces of equipment. John holds the door for me, a grin across his face. “Brooklyn, if I may say, you sure are capable,” he says. Ha! My point: Thank you to every competent, capable woman I have met in my walk of life. It is your grace, your respect for yourself, and your ability to define yourself by your own terms that inspires me to write about strong female characters. And to any man fortunate enough to share his life with a competent, capable woman...thank you for being strong enough and secure enough in yourself to walk beside her.

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For more information on the Vigilare series or author Brooklyn James, visit The second in the series, Vigilare: Hell Hound releases June 1, 2012. Plenty of time to read the first book, Vigilare, before then!

Brooklyn James is an author/singer/songwriter inspired by life in the Live Music Capital of Austin, Texas. Her first novel, The Boots My Mother Gave Me, has an original music soundtrack and was chosen as a Quarter Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. Brooklyn holds an M.A. in Communication, and a B.S. in both Nursing and Animal Science. The Vigilare trilogy is an adaptation from a short narrative film. She is currently working on the last novel in the series, as well as another book and music soundtrack combination. All songs from the soundtracks are written/co-written and performed by the author.

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