Saturday, December 31, 2011

Something Exciting to Report

I have been busy over the holiday's and have published three books in the last month.  Details can be found on my Published tab but here's a quick peek.

All Joe’s father wanted was a grandchild. All Joe wanted was to run his own research facility. All Jennifer Rose wanted was to raise Mustangs. When Jennifer Rose agreed to teach Joe how to ride a horse, she had no idea the lessons he would teach her. Joe was resigned to getting the horseback riding lessons over with so that he could pursue his real desire; getting out from under his father and becoming the scientist he knew he could be.

But was that really his only desire? What about this young, capable, beautiful woman that seemed to know his very thoughts? She was unlike anyone he knew and he found himself thinking about changing his dream to include her. But what about her grandfather? He was just old fashioned enough to shoot him for even thinking about his granddaughter.

And Jennifer Rose? Could she ever be tamed? So who was going to get what they wanted out of this deal, anyway? Could there be more than riding lessons taught at Prescott Farms?

Book Patch (Paperback)

In a small town it was next to impossible to keep a secret but Jessie had a big one.  She loved country life and had established herself as a foremost breeder of champion boxers.  She was happy.  Until Vic Morris took over the local vet practice.  He disturbed her in a way that she wasn't prepared for.

But he had a secret of his own.  Vic wasn't sure how receptive this amazing, self-sufficient lady was going to be to his 9 year old daughter.  Would they accept each other and become the family that he came to the backwoods of Kentucky to find? 

And what about Jessie's secret?  She was about to be discovered and her life changed irrevocable.  Would she go back to the life that she was born to or would she stay with the man she had grown to love?  Would Jessie's secret prove to be too much for either of them to overcome?

Have you ever wondered where socks go when they don’t come out of the dryer? So did Billy Kelton after G-pa Marq asked. Only Billy was determined to find out. Enlisting the help of his friend Allison, Billy sets out on an adventure taking him through the streets of Yakima chasing a striped sock. Where will it end up? Will Billy and Allison be able to solve the mystery or just find a dead end? Where do socks go when they disappear?

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