Monday, October 17, 2011

RJ Palmer, Indie Writer

No, this is not RJ Palmer's site ....  we are just lucky to get to interview her twice this month.  This time, however, we are focusing on her new book.  Check this out and order your copy now!

Excerpt from Sins of the Father

Lucian whispered something in that nebulous language that Aaron didn’t understand, “Bendithia 'r blentyn , achub 'r blentyn.”
Lena had only made it a few steps when Lucian stood and began to make his way to the front of the church and Aaron was at first completely confused until he thought that perhaps someone in Lucian’s past might have been a practicing Catholic and taught it to the boy.  Aaron sat back and observed despite his trepidation to find out what would happen next.
Lena watched Lucian walk past her without acknowledgement and turned to watch him as he made his way to the front of the church.
Aaron began to feel a heavy, electrified feeling in the atmosphere and began to become alarmed though he carefully suppressed it and continued to watch.
Lucian walked up to the front without so much as a bow or a by-your-leave and made his way past the Father who was intoning the prayers.  The Father stopped for a moment and looked at Lucian mildly askance and then seemed to smile beneficently and indulgently and tried to speak to Lucian in greeting.
Lucian ignored him completely and walked up to the cross hanging prominently centered on the back wall of the church behind the pulpit.
The Father trailed off in complete confusion and turned around to watch.
Lucian laid his small hands on the cross and screamed his words with his head thrown back and his body tense and taut as a bowstring, “Bendithia 'r blentyn , achub 'r blentyn,” And smoke began to rise from the cross on which Lucian’s hands rested.
A few people rose and began to mutter, some cried out in surprise and fear as the cross at the centerpiece on the back wall of the church burst into flames.


A minister losing touch with his faith…

A severely autistic child with no past, no present and no real future…

An evil older than time itself…

When the boy Lucian is thrown into Aaron’s life with nowhere else to go all hell breaks loose and Aaron confronts things he never actually imagined could really exist in an effort to save one small, tortured child.

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