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Welcome Rosemarie!  I'm so very happy to have you guest blog for me.  I'm sure my followers will love to hear what you have to say and will support your on your blog too!  Take it away Rosemarie ....
If you're an author who has already taken the plunge into self-publishing, you'll know that it involves a lot of "self" - self-determination, self-esteem, self-awareness, and, if one is not careful, self-loathing.  But I digress...

The first time I self-published a book, I did most of the heavy lifting myself - the interior lay-out, proofreading, finding a printer, selling the book on my website.  The second time around, I decided to put a little more skin in the game ($$) and hired to help.  The service I purchased included all of the above and more. 

I'm proud of both books and have received tons of compliments from readers on the finished products.  Most readers who understand that I was responsible for producing the hard copies are pretty amazed and always comment on the cover of the books. 

I was lucky to have my son design the covers for both books - he did the photography, layout, font selection, etc.  He used my daughter as a model in both books. 

While writing the second book, he and I took a trip to New York City under the auspices of "location research" (which translated into shopping, shopping and more shopping for my son!).  We used our own photographs taken in Manhattan for several of the designs for the second book cover.

Working with my son on the designs was fun and extremely rewarding for me.  He came up with several iterations of a cover before we agreed on a final version.  Of course, I was lucky that he is very creative and had design experience (having taken all sorts of computer courses in high school).  Yours truly had some design experience way back so between the two of us, we made a great team.  The fact that my son chose my daughter as a model when he was creating the first cover turned the project into a real family affair.

When I hired iUniverse to do the second book, I told them that I had the photography and cover lay-out already done, but would appreciate their feedback as they have staff who design covers.  They didn't suggest any changes.

I will be asking my son to help with the cover of my the third book - unless my ship comes in and Penguin calls with an offer!

OPTIONS - When Evelyn Morris dies suddenly during an office function, her friends and colleagues at TechniGroup Consulting attribute her death to a reaction from a severe allergy.

Kate Monahan, a paralegal/legal secretary at TechniGroup deals with the daily ups and downs of the corporate world.  Evelyn was her best friend and the unexpected death leaves her shaken.  Kate starts digging around for information and she uncovers decades-old secrets that could kills careers and nosy-paralegals. 

Portraying the eccentric and erratic behaviour of the executives and directors who serve on boards of directors, Options delves into the cut-throat business and financial world.  It provides a fictional, firsthand into how executives can manipulate public share prices to benefit their own bank accounts - a situation in which the sloppy and inept management of shareholders' money leads to murder, suicide and betrayal.

ARTIFICIAL INTENTIONS  - Kate Monahan is back in this thrilling sequel to Options, the first Kate Monahan mystery. 

After the unfortunate chain of events at TechniGroup Consulting that left her injured and unemployed, Kate is close to hitting rock bottom.  She's working at a new job that she hates, just to get by.  She's been through a lot, but she's trying to persevere.  What other choice does she have?

And then Kate gets a call for help that changes her life.  She immediately boards a private jet for Manhattan, where nothing is what it seems.  Kate finds herself tossed into a pile of puzzle pieces - a tragic series of events within the unexpected realm of corporate enterprise.  She is faced with difficult decisions that will test her strength, her loyalty, and even her love.  Will Kate persevere to the end of this dangerous journey - or will she end up dead?
Check out her web site: for more information on Rosemarie and get some free chapters to her books.

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