Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Striped Sock Mystery - sneak peak

Here's a sneak peak from my next kids' book, The Striped Sock Mystery:

“Wow,” was all Billy could say when he came within sight of the bonfire.  The fire was already about two stories tall and filled the whole burning circle.  There were probably 15 people there already from the neighborhood along with Allison’s family.  Someone had a guitar and was entertaining people with silly songs about the sea.  Finally, an older man sat down and asked “do you all want to hear a story?” and the kids all screamed, “YES” at once. 

Allison’s G-pa Marq was the best storyteller in the whole area.  He had so many stories about his life at sea and ghost stories about far off places that he never repeated a story, not once, according to Allison.  She said she could sit for hours and listen to his east coast accent and his stories always brought shivers down her spin or sent her over the top with laughter. 

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